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Protect all that’s important to you with ProCoat Precision Coatings.

It’s a brutal world out there. Are your favorite rigs adequately protected? They are if they’re coated with ProCoat.Procoat, a resilient dual chemical compound spray liner, forms a protective union-free membrane which adheres seamlessly to every dip, lip and line of your ride, bringing new meaning to the classic phrase, “rugged good looks.”

Simply put, nothing beats ProCoat when it comes to protecting your gear from everyday and not so every day living.

** Call for pricing on specialty items etc…

** Prices are subject to change.

The ProCoat Difference :

  • Procoat bonds directly to most any surface, creating a permanent seal against water, rust and corrosion.
  • A perfect combination of give and go, ProCoat grips cargo just enough while permitting easy loading and unloading.
  • Fuel, paint, salt water, chlorine and other harmful chemicals won’t break through ProCoat’s tough skin.
  • Completely environmentally friendly, ProCoats is applied with no V.O.C’s or C.F.C’s.
  • Not only superb protection against everyday bumps and bruises, ProCoat is also great noise suppressor and insulator.
  • ProCoat adds life to your favorite rigs while increasing their resale values.
  • Lifetime Warranty Product.
  • ProCoat bonds to step bars, toolboxes, boats, ATV’s and much much more.

Prices :

  • Short Wheel Base Trucks Under Rail  $399.95
  • Short Wheel Base Trucks Over Rail  $449.95
  • Long Wheel Base Trucks Under Rail $449.95
  • Long Wheel Base Trucks Over Rail $499.95